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Our goal is to help people achieve the American Dream through real estate wealth creation. Our mission is to acquire and share this knowledge with the everyday person so they can create warmth, light, and safety for themselves and their loved ones. Our interest in real estate stems from my deep love of America and I'm committed to ensuring that everyone has an equal chance at making their dreams come true. In addition to helping families buy and sell condos and homes, I also source commercial investment opportunities including development projects, syndication opportunities, and acquiring and disposing of multi-unit residential properties. Owning your own home is just the first step in securing your financial future; investing in additional income generating real estate ensures a steady source of income and the ability to provide a better life for those around you. Our interest in helping others comes from a lifetime of public service. I'm originally from San Francisco, and have worked for the World Bank, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, ten years as an Army Reserve officer, and over a decade as a U.S. Diplomat representing America in five foreign countries. These experiences gave me an experienced worldview and perspective on both the ways of business and the world at large. I love real estate and I’m passionate about helping home buyers and sellers win in the nation’s most competitive market. Our clients can rest assured they will get dedicated, personalized service and 110% of my expertise and attention.

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We will always provide you with expert advice and

consulting so that you’re able to make the best decision

for yourself and your family.

Harvey Spector

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Find your dream space On or Off Market–whether it’s a home, condo, or townhome.

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